7.4 FlowJo for Windows (General)
Posted by LabArchives Support on 28 December 2016 10:31 AM

Note: Unfortunately, the integration with LabArchives is not available with the latest versions of FlowJo

FlowJo flow cytometry software (from Treestar) includes the ability to do the following:

  • Save FlowJo workspaces directly into LabArchives Notebooks
  • Open FlowJo workspaces from your LabArchives Notebooks
  • Retrieve samples (e.g. FCS files) from your LabArchives Notebooks into a FlowJo workspace.

The FlowJo integration is included in version 7.6.3 and higher for PC, and version 10 for Mac (read the FlowJo newsletter about it here). 

To activate this function, you must first go to Edit-->Preferences, and then double-click on the Licenses icon. There, you will see a small section on LabArchives which you must "Configure".  Put in the LA server (defaults to which is correct unless you have a local server option) and your user name and password.

Once activated, there are two new options on the File menu:

Save As Remote (this enable you to choose a Notebook, Folder, and Page into which to store your FlowJo Project)
Open Remote Workspace (enables you to open a workspace stored in LabArchives)

In addition, there will also be an icon for retrieving samples on the main screen:


Click on this button to load a sample file from your LabArchives Notebook.

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