6.7 Download your Notebook to PDF
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LabArchives offers two ways to download an offline, read-only copy of your notebook. These options include Create Offline Notebook and Notebook to PDF. The "Create Offline Notebook" option will create an HTML version of your notebook. The Notebook to PDF option will create a .pdf of your notebook.  

Learn more about downloading an offline version of your complete notebook.

Notebook to PDF

To create a PDF version of your notebook, navigate to Options => Utilities => Notebook to PDF as shown below. After selecting the option, you will receive an email containing the download link.


You may also create a PDF of a selected folders or pages within your notebook. Just right-click the given folder/page in the Notebook Navigator, and select the following option as shown below.  

NOTE:  If you are attempting to create a backup of a very large notebook (1GB or larger), we recommend using this option to download and create pdfs of the notebook in smaller sections. Right+click or Ctrl+click on the folder or page in the "Notebook Navigator" and you will be presented with this menu.


Once you select a method to create your PDF, you have the following options to include in your PDF:

  • Show Comments (on by default)
  • Show Empty Folders (off by default, option not available for PDF generation of a page)

Click on OK once you have your selected your options.

After doing so, you should receive a corresponding download link via email. In addition to receiving an email with the download link for the PDF, you can also access it in your Activity Feed. To reach the Activity feed, click on the menu icon (the top-right triple-bar icon). In the drop down menu choose Activity Feed.


When you have clicked the Activity feed you'll see the following window (see below).

Click the button "Download report" and the report will be available in your "downloads" folder on your computer (if you have this folder as preset for your downloads).

Print a Page of your Notebook

You can print any page of your notebook by selecting the page print tool in the page tools. This will open a new tab with the browser print function.

Note: If you are printing a page with widgets you may need to click "Cancel" on the print dialog to allow the page to load.

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