8.13 Adding Users to Your Notebook
Posted by Patrick Callahan on 24 October 2014 09:48 AM

If you have subscribed to LabArchives Professional Edition for each of your lab members, you will want to add the members to the notebook(s) you create to enable collaboration and allow them to take advantage of the extra data storage that comes with the subscription.  Begin by creating a notebook (see the articles on Creating Pages and Folders and Adding Data to Your Notebook). Once you have notebooks created, you can begin adding members.

There are several ways to add and remove members in your notebooks. For an overall view and account management, use Managing My Account.

User Management allows you to add users and manage their usage rights for the entire notebook.  To access this feature, click on the triple bar menu at the top right-hand corner and select "Notebook Settings". 

Select the second tab, "User Management" and User Management tool will appear as follows:


Adding Users:
At the top right-hand corner, click on the Add User Icon ( ) and simply enter the email for the person you wish to add to the notebook.  Once you click on the Add User, you will see their name appear in the section below, where you can manage their role.



Manage Users' Role and Privileges:

When you add a person to your notebook through the Notebook User Management page, they are added to the role of a user and are given full access by default.  You can change their role to Administrator or Guest.  You can also transfer ownership to someone you have added (see below)  If you have created groups other than the default Full Access group, you can select the Group Membership by clicking in that field and add the person to a group.  See the Group Membership article to learn more about this feature.

What are the differences between roles?


*Having Access to the Notebook Settings menu entails a number of things:
1. Controlling commenting privileges.
2. Being able to add/remove persons from the notebook.
3. Controlling the Roles of all persons in the notebook.
4. Controlling signing and witnessing privileges for all persons in the notebook.
5. Being able to create and modify LabArchives Groups.
6. Being able to persons to and remove persons from LabArchives Groups.


  • Each notebook can have only 1 Owner, but there can be multiple Administrators, Users, and Guests.
  • If you want someone to have access to only one section of your notebook, we recommend you share that portion of the notebook.  See the article on Sharing a Notebook, folder, page, or single entry, for more information.
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