10.9 Closing your Course
Posted by Patrick Callahan on 02 June 2016 12:06 PM

Once your course is over, we recommend you close out your course, an option you will find under Edit Course Information in the Course Manager.

When you close out your course,

  • Students are removed from the course and become owners of their notebooks; you no longer have access to their notebooks.
  • The grades report for the course is erased.
  • The end date that was on your course is cleared.


 The  button is found in the "Edit Course Information" panel of the Course Manager, as shown below. 


Once you click that button, the following window appears:


You may chose at this time to remove TAs and/or Sections from this course by checking the appropriate box.  


What if I want to save a record of student grades before closing a course?

If you want to save or export students' grades before closing your course, be sure to follow the directions as specified before proceeding to :


When ready, click the  button.

After the course has been closed, the basic course information will be retained and ready to have new students/TAs entered.

Once your course comes to an end, it's probably a good idea to let students know what will happen with their notebooks. By becoming owners of their notebooks, they will gain access to two menu options under the Utilities menu: Notebook to PDF and Create Offline Notebook.

These options will allow the students to download permanent copies of their work in LabArchives, which they can later use as part of their ePortfolio.

What if I want to keep my LabArchives course open, even though the course has ended already?

If you receive a reminder to close out your course after the course has ended, you can dismiss the reminder by clicking on the box next to the "Don't show this message again". This will prevent the reminder showing up every time you log into the course manager.  

What is the difference between "Close Out Course" and "Delete Course"?

  • Closing out a course clears the student info, the grades, and clears the end date but gives you the option to retain the section and TA information, along with the basic course information.
  • Deleting a course clears all information about the course with no option to retain any details about the course.  Typically this would be used to delete a course if there was an error in the course creation process.  


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