10.8 Announcement to the whole class
Posted by LabArchives Support on 19 June 2017 11:57 AM

We do not offer a mass-email function for TAs or instructors. We can, however, send Announcements to select students or all students within a course. We can do this by

1. Open the Course Manager and expanding the "Edit Students and Teaching Assistants" panel (bottom-most panel).

2. Click "Send Announcement" above the table that shows all students in the Students Tab. You can send an announcement to all students, or to the students you check in the box next to your name before you click the button.


3. Toggle these choices using the buttons in the window that appears.


After you send the announcement, they will see it in a yellow banner near the top of their screen next time they log into their account. See the attached screen shot of an example announcement in this email reply. 



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