8.10 Users' Roles and Privileges
Posted by Johan Isoz on 21 April 2017 09:13 AM

Manage Users' Role and Privileges


As the Owner (or Administrator) of a LabArchives notebook, you can grant others access to the entire notebook via the User Managment page (under the “Notebook Settings” menu) as well as manage current member privileges.


When adding new users their Role will by default be set to "User" with full access by default if you have a paid account.  If you have a free trial account they will be set to Guests.


On this page, you can change anyone’s role to Guest (eg. a departing lab member who you wish to retain free read-only access) or to Administrator/User provided you have available paid licenses/seats. You can also  "Transfer Ownership" to someone you have added (eg. your PI or project leader).


If you have created custom Groups for your account in addition to the default Full Access group, you can select the Group Membership for any person by clicking that field.  See the "Group management" article to learn more about this feature.


What are the differences between roles?


*Users in a notebook actually WILL see a share icon. However, this icon will only take the User to the URL to Share for the content. This URL can only be used by a person who has already been given access to the given content by the Notebook's Administrator or Owner. If the recipient of the URL to Share does not have this permission, using the link produces an error message. 


  • Each notebook can have only 1 Owner, but there can be multiple Administrators, Users, and Guests.
  • If you want someone to have access to only one section of your notebook, we recommend you share that portion of the notebook. See the article on Sharing your Notebook for more information.
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