8.08 Transferring Ownership of a Notebook
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Using User Management:

User Management allows you to add users and manage their usage rights for the entire notebook. To access this feature, click the triple bar icon in the top right and select "Notebook Settings". Then click the second tab at the top named "User Management".



Transferring Ownership of a Notebook:

Only the notebook owner can transfer ownership of the notebook to another person who currently has access to the notebook.  

If the person that you would like to transfer the Notebook to isn't on the list, you need to add them, see this article for step by step instructions Adding users to your notebook.

Transferring ownership is done by clicking the "Transfer Ownership" icon and selecting among those who have access the person you wish to have ownership. 


Once you have clicked the "Transfer Ownership", the following window will appear.


Choose the new Notebook Owner and click "Transfer Ownership."

After the transfer of ownership has been completed, you will now be labeled as a user in the notebook and may choose to Remove yourself if you wish.


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