10.1 Setting up Your Course Notebook
Posted by Johan Isoz on 26 May 2016 02:41 PM

Congratulations on the move to an ELN for your course.  You are introducing your students to the tools they will encounter in industry, plus this will provide you with flexibility and greater insight into your students’ progress in your course. 

When it comes to transitioning your course material to LabArchives, we make it easy to pull together your current course resources all within a single notebook that will be copied out to each student.

Here are some tips as you begin thinking about how to organize your course notebook:

  • Mirror the top-level folders after your course syllabus.  You can use subfolders for subcategories to keep labs organized by topic and lesson structure.
  • Use a folder for your course materials.  Add your syllabus, course overview, MSDS, course calendar and other information in one folder within the notebook so that all those resources are available all in one place.
    • Content-rich layout – if you have your have lab manual you can use the tools described in Adding to add text, embed images, videos directly on the pages of the course notebook.
    • Structured layout – consider creating a standard format for each page on which students will enter their lab data and observations so that there is consistency across all the student notebooks.
    • Minimal-structure layout – you can simply name pages to designate where you want work done and present the student with a blank page for their work.
    • Combination layout – use a little of each of these approaches – it’s up to you.Choose a layout for your notebook that works best for you and your students:

 The bottom line is that we make it easy for you to adapt your current course content with flexible and unique tools for building your notebook.  In addition to the information in LabArchives Knowledgebase, we have a Quick Start Guide for Instructors

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