8.07 Manage My Account
Posted by Patrick Callahan on 31 October 2017 12:23 PM

Lab Managers and Principal Investigator often need to add or remove lab members and/or change the access privileges across multiple lab notebooks simultaneously. This can be easily accomplished with LabArchives' new Account Administrator Tool.

Once you have logged into a notebook you own, you will see the "Manage My Account" option when clicking on your name at the upper-right part of the screen - as is shown below:

Note: Administrators will not have access to this option since they're not the owner.

When you click this button, you will see information about your account, how many people have access, and a table listing all the people who have access to notebooks that you own as part of your subscription, including yourself. An example of this is shown below:


At the top left of the page is the name of your account (an example image is shown below). You can change the account name at any time by clicking the pencil icon to the right of your name. 


Across from the Lab name is information on users of your notebook.


Each of these links provides counts of people who have access to your notebooks:

  • All People: Displays the total number of people that have access to your notebooks. In the screenshot above, there is a total of five persons with access to at least one of your notebooks. Clicking this button brings you back to the main view pictured above in the event that you navigate to any other tab of the Account Administrator.  
  • Members: Displays the number of people who have the role of User or Administrator in at least one of your notebooks (it also includes you as the owner of the notebooks).  Clicking this button shows just those people who are members.  If you have a subscription for your lab, you will see the number of members you currently have, and the number of empty "seats" you have remaining in your subscription.  In the screenshot above, this lab account has 7 seats.  There are 4 members (the owner and 3 others), and there are 3 open seats for additional members.  Note that Guests do not take up a seat from the account.  In addition, if you are the head of the lab at an institution has a site license, you are not limited in the number of seats you can have in your Lab account and will not see the "seats avail." information.
  • Guests: Clicking this button brings up a list of all of the Guests in your Lab Subscription. The number of guests in your subscription is indicated next to this button. In the example above, there is only one guest.  There is no limit on the number of guests that you can add to any of your notebooks.  Note that Guest access becomes read-only after 60 days. 
  • Purchase Seats: This button takes you to a screen containing a form that will allow you to purchase additional "seats" for your Lab Subscription. 

In the middle of the screen is the table showing all persons with access to at least one notebook that you own. Notice that for each person, there is a column detailing their first and last name and a column detailing their status, which can be the owner, member, or guest.  Owners and members each take up a 'seat' in the subscription account.  There is also an icon-based color code that can be seen on the far left. A green icon indicates a guest, a blue icon indicates an owner, and a purple icon indicates a user or administrator. 

On the far right for each person's row, there are three more items (going from left to right):

  • The first item is a drop-down menu which allows you to change the role for that person in all notebooks to which they have access. 
  • The second button, the trashcan button, removes the given person from all notebooks you own to which they have access. This removes the person from your Lab notebooks completely. If that person was a member (user or administrator), a new seat will open up, if you have a limited number of seats in your subscription.  
  • The third and final button, the notebook button, brings up a view of all the notebooks to which the person has access. If you want to add/remove the person to/from a specific notebook in the list, you will need to make the change from the Notebook User Management page for the notebook.  To do this, select the given notebook in the drop-down menu under the Notebook Navigator banner, and then go to Notebook Settings under the main menu and then use User management to add/remove the person from the notebook in view.  


Adding people to your account: 



On the left is the search bar, which allows you to search your Subscription for a specific user by name. Next to the search bar is the Add Person button, which allows you to add a new person to one or more of your notebooks. The final button is the refresh button, which may need to be clicked if you have recently added someone who is not displaying in the table below. 

To add a person to your notebooks, click on the Add Person button, and you will see a window that looks like this:



Type in the email for the person you want to add in the Person's email field.  

  1. Select the role you want that person to have in all the notebooks from the Role drop-down menu.  If you want the person to have different roles in different notebooks, you will need to manage those via the User Management page for each notebook.
  2. Select the notebooks to which you want this person to have access.  You can Select all or select check individual notebooks.  
  3. Click on Add Person button at top of page when you are done making your selections.  You will see a confirmation message that the person has been added.  You can then click on the All People button or on the "Back to list" icon to return the main page.


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