7.7 Vernier Logger Pro Integration
Posted by LabArchives Support on 14 October 2015 05:44 PM

Students using the Vernier Logger Pro software can export files directly to the Inbox of their LabArchives account.  In addition, they can easily download and open Logger Pro files from their notebooks.  


Saving a File from Vernier Logger Pro to LabArchives

1.  Click on File from the Logger Pro Menu

2.  Click on Remote Save As and select LabArchives as shown below



3.  You will be prompted to enter your account information so that Logger Pro can make the connection with your LabArchives Account.  Note:  If you sign on to LabArchives with your institution's credentials, see Using Logger Pro with University Single Sign-On below.

4.  Enter a name for the file that you are are saving to LabArchives.



5.  Click OK.  You will see a confirmation message that will let you know if the file was successfully saved.  


Note that the file name may be adjusted to fit our file name requirements.  For example, if you entered a file name with blank spaces, those will be replaced with underscores (e.g., "test file name" would be saved as "test_file_name").  This will not impact your ability to open or save the file at a later time.

Moving the Logger Pro File to a Notebook Page

After you have saved a "Logger Pro" file to LabArchives, it will be in the Inbox for your account.  To move the file to a notebook page you have two options.  The first option involves manually moving each file you upload.  If you are only uploading one or two files or if the files will all reside in different folders, this is the option to select.  The second option involves setting up rules for your account Inbox so that files are automatically sent to a specific folder in a selected notebook.

Using the Move Option: 

1.  Select the notebook where you want to move the file from your list of notebooks in the Notebook Navigator

2.  Click on the Inbox at the top of the notebook hierarchy displayed as shown


3.  Mouse over the Logger Pro File (it will have a .cmbl extension) and select Move from the menu options for the file.


4.  This will open a small window that will display the notebook folders.  

5.  Browse the notebook until you get to the page where you want the file added.


6.  Click OK to confirm the move.  Note that the file will be added to the bottom of the selected page.


Using Inbox Rules:

To automate the transfer of Vernier files from your Inbox to a specific folder in your notebook you can take advantage of LabArchives' Inbox Rules feature.

1.  Click on the Inbox in the folder structure on the left, then click "Inbox rules" icon in the "Page Tools" at the top of the page.


2.  Select Other File Types from the drop-down list of file types to move in the Add New Inbox Rule window.

3.  Type in:  .cmbl   (This indicates the Logger Pro file extension.)

4.  Click on the drop-down list of notebooks under "To the LabArchives Notebook" to find the notebook where you want all Logger Pro files sent

5.  Browse the selected notebook hierarchy that appears and select a folder.

All Logger Pro files will be sent to a new page in this folder.


When Logger Pro files have been moved to a page in your notebook, they will appear as follows:

Downloading the Logger Pro File from LabArchives

To open the Logger Pro File from LabArchives, simply double-click on the file on the page.  Depending on your browser configuration, this will download the file.  You can then open the downloaded file to view in Logger Pro.  Therefore, you must be working on the same computer on which you are running Logger Pro.

Using Logger Pro with University Single Sign-On

If you access LabArchives through your institution's Single Sign-On service, you will not have a password on your account.  Therefore, you will need to obtain an authorization token for the LabArchives Password field in the "User Account at LabArchives" box.

1.  Log in to your LabArchives account as you normally would.

2.  Find your name in the upper right-hand area of the screen and click to open

3.  Select LA App Authentication to obtain a password token to copy and paste into the LabArchives Password field.

Note: This token expires after 1 hour.  Therefore, you will need to obtain a new token after this expires.








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