Purchasing your Course Notebook - For Students
Posted by Patrick Callahan on 05 January 2016 11:44 AM

When you begin a course with LabArchives, you will be given a grace period during which you do not have to pay for your notebook to use it. After the grace period expires, your notebook will revert to read-only and you will not be able to edit any further. You will also see this pop up the next time you log in:


Click "Purchase" in this window to purchase your student notebook. If you wish to purchase before your grace period is up, click the "Purchase/Upgrade" option where it appears under "Subscription" within the triple-bar menu in the upper right, as shown below:


Whether you choose "Purchase" from here or from the window, you will be directed to the same purchase form, shown below:


Things to make sure before making your purchase.

Am I sure I am already part of the course?
- If not, contact your instructor to ensure you are added.

Does the form I see match the one above?
- If not, please go back to your LabArchives notebook and access the above form using the steps shown above. If this form does not load for some reason or appears incorrect, please contact

Do I see the name of my course in step 2?
-If not, change the drop down menu selection to the course you intend to pay for. If the course you intend to pay for is not there, then you have not been added to the course and should contact your instructor.


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