8.13.1 Managing Group Access
Posted by LabArchives Support on 26 January 2017 11:34 AM

Group access is an easy way to manage access rights as you add individuals to a notebook. LabArchives has a preset Full Access group, but you can create your own groups with custom access rights. (Click here to learn more about creating a group with custom access)

Whenever you add someone as a User or Administrator to the notebook via Account Manager (Manage My Account link, located below your name in LabArchives) or via Notebook User Management, the person is added automatically to the Full Access Group. They will have full access to edit the entire notebook to which they have been added.

When it comes to access rights within either the Full Access Group or a custom group, please note that the broadest access rights “win”.  This means that you cannot restrict access to a portion of the notebook if someone is part of the Full Access Group.  Likewise, if you give a Custom Group edit rights to a folder, you cannot limit access to a subfolder or page within that folder.   See the following information on how to modify access for someone who has been added to either the Full Access Group or to a Custom Group.

How to modify access for someone who is a member of the Full Access Group or a Custom Group
1. Go to User Management for the notebook.  This can be found by going to main menu (hamburger menu) and click on Notebook Settings. Then select "User Management". 

2. Find the user's name and click the pencil under the "Group Membership" column.


3. Un-check the Full Access Group or custom group checkbox.

4.  This person will no longer have access to anything in your notebook.  You must now grant them rights to selected items in the notebook.
5. Go to the notebook hierarchy under Notebook Navigator.
6. Grant the user "Can Edit" or "Can View" rights to folders, pages, or entries depending on how restrictive you want the access to be.  


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