9.01.9 Searching and Exporting Student Notebooks
Posted by Katrina Vuong on 08 July 2018 07:10 PM

LabArchives includes a feature that will allow you to search a student's notebook and export their notebook as an Offline notebook or PDF in the LabArchives Assignment Navigator. 

If you would like to hide the search bar, you can click on the arrow, located on the right-hand side of the screen under the exporting options. 

Searching a Student's Notebook

Under the LabArchvies Assignment Navigator, you are able to do a basic search and advanced search in a student's notebook as you would search any notebook in LabArchives.

LabArchives allows you to do a Basic Search in a student's notebook.

You are also able to do an Advanced Search in a student's notebook. You can access the advanced search by clicking on the downward triangle at the end of the search bar, and it will open up the LabArchives Advanced Search menu.

Creating an Offline Notebook and PDF

LabArchives features options to download a student's notebook to an Offline Notebook and PDF.

Click on this  button, to create an Offline Notebook of a student's notebook.

Click on this  button, to create a PDF copy of a student's notebook.

After selecting one of these options, a download link will be sent to you via the email address registered with your account.

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