8.11 Sign a page
Posted by LabArchives Support on 26 May 2017 12:20 PM
LabArchives allows you to sign a page in your notebook, indicating the final version of the page. Once a Page has been signed, it is "frozen"; no additional data can be added, nor can any be edited.

Signing is always available to the owner, but the owner may allow other people in the notebook, including administrators, users, and guests to also sign pages in the notebook  The owner can grant signing rights can be changed in User Management (Add link).

Note:  Those with page signing rights can only sign pages for which they have edit rights.  Notebook owners have edit rights to the entire notebook by virtue of their role and can sign any page.

To manage page-signing privileges, click the triple bar icon in the top right of LabArchives and select "Notebook Settings".  Click on the second tab, "User Management" and in the second column from the right, “Can Sign” checkboxes will appear as seen below:

When a user with the right to sign is viewing a Page, the Tools menu will include a selection for Sign.

Clicking on this link will produce a verification prompt requiring confirmation by the user.


When the Page is signed, LabArchives performs a sophisticated test known as a "Hash Algorithm" which, in essence, produces an internal verification code for this Page.  Each time the Page is viewed, LabArchives compares the Hash code to ensure that no changes have been made since the signing.  At the top of the Page, you will see an indication that the Page has been signed, by whom, and on what date and time.

Note: Once a Page has been signed, this cannot be reversed.

Comments can be added to entries on a signed page since they are not considered to be part of the data.  In addition, the revision history for entries and the entire page can be viewed. Those with sharing rights can share the page, or print the page.  No other actions can be taken on a signed page.
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