8.12 Co-Signing your Lab Notebook
Posted by LabArchives Support on 11 December 2015 03:31 PM

The ability to co-sign a notebook is available through our widget feature. To co-sign a notebook, it is recommended the co-signer sign the notebook using a customized "Signing" widget, where information would be requested, such as their name, date, and time. The entry would also be time-stamped once saved.

The purpose of the Co-sign widget is to provide unalterable documentation that the signing of a LabArchives page was witnessed by at least one other person. The idea behind this widget is that the witness would complete the widget itself before the primary notebook user would go in and sign the page his/herself, freezing it permanently.

For more information on obtaining a customized co-sign widget, please contact LabArchives support at We'll gather your customization details and design your widget. We'll then send you the source code and instruct you how to proceed.



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