6.8 Create Offline Notebook
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LabArchives offers two ways to download an offline, read-only copy of your notebook. These options include Create Offline Notebook and Notebook to PDF. The "Create Offline Notebook" option will create an HTML version of your notebook.  The Notebook to PDF option will create a .pdf of your notebook.  

Learn more about downloading your notebook as a PDF file.  

Create Offline Notebook

Anyone with access to a LabArchives notebook can access the "Create Offline Notebook" option by choosing Utilities from the main menu, then Create Offline Notebook as shown below.

When you select the option "Create Offline Notebook" (See box 2 in the picture above). This option converts your notebook into a compilation of offline HTML documents contained within a .zip archive.  After selecting this option, a download link will be sent to you via the email address registered with your account. Follow the steps below to open your offline HTML notebook:

  1. Go to your email registered for LabArchives, and find the email containing the download link and click it. Allow at least 10 minutes* for the email to appear. If it is not there by that time, try checking your spam folder, or try selecting the option again. See Important Note below regarding very large notebooks.
  2. Open the .zip archive after the download is complete, and "Extract all" contents to the file destination of your choice. 
  3. Open the location of your extracted files on your computer. You should see something like this:

You can open your offline HTML notebook by opening the file named "notebook_home_page". When you do this, you should see something like this:


Congratulations! You have successfully downloaded an offline HTML version of your notebook! The left-side Notebook Navigator should function just as it did in the online version of your notebook. 

*Note:  Notebooks that are larger in size (1 GB +) will take significantly longer to download.  With the inherent limitations of the internet, a notebook that is 1GB or larger can take many hours to download, even at the fastest connections, such as a T1 line.  Therefore, if you plan on creating multiple backups of your notebook, we advise that you plan ahead and consider multiple notebooks rather than one single, very large notebook. Another option is to use the Download to PDF feature which allows you to download portions of the notebook at a time.  

Print a Page of your Notebook

You can print any page of your notebook by selecting the page print tool in the page tools. This will open a new tab with the browser print function.

Note: If you are printing a page with widgets you may need to click "Cancel" on the print dialog to allow the page to load.

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