10.3 Adding Students and TA's
Posted by Patrick Callahan on 19 June 2017 12:22 PM

Once you have created your course and selected the notebook on which your students' notebooks will be based, you will want to add students and TAs to your course.

At this point, it is important to take a "snap shot" of your master notebook PRIOR to adding your new students.  Click the  button.

If you are re-using a Master course notebook that you have updated, you will see a message pop up reminding you that the course notebook has been updated and you need to click on Update Student Notebook button before you add new students.  It is important that you click on Update Student notebooks or your master notebook and the students' notebooks will be out of sync.

You can update your Course Notebook from within this window; clicking  here does the same thing as clicking  where it appears in the "Edit Course Information" panel. Clicking the  button before adding students gives our system a reference point for your notebook, so it is important to click this button BEFORE adding students. Once you click it for the first time, you can safely add your students.

Adding students can be done either in the Student Sign-Up URLs panel, or the Edit Students and Teaching Assistants panel.

1) Student Sign-up URLs: 

  • This panel gives you auto-generated links that your students can use to add themselves to your course. Simply disperese these links among your students or post to your Learning Management System (Moodle / Blackboard).
  • Note that if you create multiple sections in your course (explained later in this article), there will be a separate URL for each section, and an additional URL for a students who will not be assigned a section. An image of this panel for a course with no sections appears below.


2) Edit Students and Teaching Assistants: 

  • Here, you can add students as well as teaching assistants individually by email. While in the "Students" or "Teaching Assistants" tab, simply fill in the appropriate emails (separated by commas, enters, semi-colons, etc.) in the text field, and click add when done. The recipients will get activation links that will allow them to add themselves to your course as a TA or student.


Creating new sections is done within the Edit Sections panel. Before you have any sections, the panel simply contains a message saying "Add Sections to this Course". Click this text, and the window shown below should appear:

  • Give your section a name and a description (optional), and it will become functional once you save changes.
  • Note that the sections for your course appear as tabs within the Edit Sections panel. 
  • New sections can be created by clicking the Plus Sign button next to the course tabs.
  • An existing section can be deleted by clicking the X button within the given course tab.
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