10.4 Managing Student Content
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After you start to add students to your course, they will begin to populate the table in the "Students" tab of the "Edit Students and Teaching assistants panel. Once a student has logged into the course notebook at least once, a notebook icon () should appear in their row. So, when your course has filled with students, but no actions have been done in the course (i.e., in the first week), your "Students" tab should look something like this:



  • Notice the name, email, section, number of activities, and time of last activity is listed for every student.
  • Clicking the notebook icon for a given student will allow you to see the notebook as they see it.
  • You can change the section of an individual student via the drop-down menus in the "Section" column.


Submitting new Content to your Students and Editing Existing Content:

Your students do not automatically see the changes you make to the course notebook. In order to "push out" any changes to the notebook (new assignments, edits to old ones, new schedule, etc.), you MUST click the  button in the "Edit Course Information" tab. When you open the Edit Course Information section of the Course Manager you will see a notification when you have one or more updates that are ready to be "pushed out" to your students with a notice to the right of the  button, as shown here: 


Clicking the text "an update is available" makes the Course Update Alert Window (pictured below) appear. You can click the Update Student Notebooks button from within this window.


Observing Student Activity 

After students begin making entries and submitting assignments, you will see notifications in the view column in the form of icons with red badges. An example of this table after all students have submitted one assignment appears below:

Notice that three other icons have appeared in the view column as a result of students taking further action. Let's go through these, one by one:

  •   Assignment Icon: This icon directs the user to the activity feed if the badge value is different than one, or to the only new assignment if the badge value is equal to one 
  •  Notification Icon: This icon directs the user to the activity feed if the badge value is different than one, or to the only new entry/edit in the student's notebook if the badge value is equal to one. 
  •  Activity Feed Icon: This icon unconditionally directs the user to the student's activity feed. 



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