7.3 Using Mobile app and 3rd Party Applications with a Single Sign On System
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Using Mobile Apps and 3rd party applications with a Single Sign On System (SSO)

If you are an institutional user that uses an SSO to log into LabArchives, you must first acquire a password token to use for external applications. 

These are the applications that are available.


  • LabArchives Folder Monitor for Windows
  • LabArchives Folder Monitor for Mac
  • Microsoft Office Plugin for Windows
  • Microsoft Office Plugin for Mac

  • FlowJo for Windows
  • FlowJo for Mac

  • GraphPad Prism

  • Vernier Logger Pro Integration

Therefore, if you are required to select your institution and input your credentials to log in, you'll need to take extra steps to use our mobile app or any other third party application that uses LabArchives.
How do I know if my institution uses an SSO?

If, when you go to our login page, you simply use the Email/Password fields to log in, your institution is NOT using an SSO, and you shouldn't need a password token for the mobile app or any other partner/3rd party application.

If, when you go to our login page, you have to use the "Select my Participating Institution" drop-down menu at least once to log in, then your institution IS using an SSO.
If your institution DOES use an SSO, follow the instructions below. 

From the same device, you are trying to access, sign into LabArchives via the web browser using your Shibboleth credentials and select "LA App Authentication" under your name at the top right.

 A "Password token for external applications" screen will appear. The token can be used in lieu of a password to log into the account when using the external applications. However, keep in mind there is a time limit for this token when it can be used (which is one hour). But if the token expires, a new one can always be generated.


Note: Once you go through this procedure, the authentication credentials will be stored and you will not have to enter in a new token each time, If the Autologin setting for the app is turned onas indicated in the below screen shot, from a mobile device. The 1st screenshot is from an iPad where you can access the app setting from the "iPad Settings' menu. The 2nd is from an Android device where you can access the app settings menu from the login screen. If Autologin is not turned on, a new password token will have to be retrieved and used each time.

The expire parameter is no longer valid 

If an iPad (or iPhone) user encounters the “The expires parameter is no longer valid",


Go to "Settings > General > Date & Time > Set Automatically" and turn it ON.

If you don’t have the “Set Automatically” setting, manually set the iPad’s current time to the correct time via

“Settings > General > Date & Time > Set Date & Time”.

You may also see this message if you have launched the internal browser and then left it open for an extended period of time. The token will have timed-out. To reset the token, simply exit the internal browser and then re-launch. This will reset the time token and thus enable the User to launch Safari from within the app.

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