1.02 Browser and Operating System Compatibility
Posted by Hannah Clark on 11 November 2019 11:05 AM

LabArchives strongly recommends using vendor-supported versions of their respective browsers.  Allowing automatic updates to browsers is the best way to remain current.   

We strongly recommend use of the vendor-supported versions of these browsers for LabArchives:    

  • Chrome   
  • Firefox ESR  
  • Firefox   
  • Safari   
  • Edge   

As of February 2018 the minimum browser requirements are:    

  • Chrome 49   
  • Firefox 45   
  • Safari 10  
  • Edge 13   
  • Opera 49    

NOTE: Internet Explorer is not recommended and it is no longer supported by Microsoft

Please note that as new features are released, they may only be available on new browser versions.  Also, with time, these browser version may no longer be viable options for users.  

Recommended Mobile Device Operating Systems 

LabArchives provides a free mobile app for both iOS and Android devices.  To run the current version of the mobiles apps, we recommend the following operating systems:    

  • iOS Mobile App version 3.0.0:  iOS 10 or higher  
  • Android Mobile App version 3.0.0:  Android OS 5 or higher  

NOTE: Users on older operating systems may still be able to install the LabArchives mobile app, but may not receive the latest app updates, including feature improvements and bug fixes. 

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