1.04 Data Storage
Posted by Hannah Clark on 12 June 2018 10:04 AM

LabArchives accounts provide default data storage space that is dependent on the type of account that is purchased or provided to the user. 

Professional Edition (PE) 

A PE subscription provides 100 GB of storage per seat.  If there is more than 1 seat in the subscription, the storage is pooled among all seats in the account.  Therefore, if the subscription includes a PI and 2 members, there is a total of 300 GB of storage to be shared by all 3 people.   

Please note that people added as Guests to a notebook that is part of a PE subscription do not contribute to this pool of data storage. However, Guests’ access to a PE notebook becomes read only after 60 days. For more information on determining notebook user roles see User Roles and Privileges. 

If needed, additional data storage can be purchased. Please contact your account manager or  


Classroom Edition (CE) 

A CE account defaults to 1GB per student and is allotted to that single user. 

Data storage can be purchased at an additional cost. Please contact  

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