7.04 LabArchives Inbox
Posted by Katrina Vuong on 11 November 2019 01:24 PM

The LabArchives Inbox can be used to send files to your account via email or through 3rd party applications such as GraphPad Prism.  


Note: The Inbox can be disabled by your institution. 

How to send files to your LabArchives Inbox 

1. Send an email to from the email address associated with your LabArchives Account. Text in the body of the email will appear as a Plain text entry and any file attachments will appear as an Attachment. For security, code sent in the body of the email may be removed.  

NOTE: If you access LabArchives from Australia or New Zealand send the email to 
If you access LabArchives from the United Kingdom send the email to 

2. You will receive a confirmation email when the entry is added to your LabArchives account 

3. Login to LabArchives and view your Inbox by clicking "Inbox" in the Notebook Navigator. You have one inbox for your entire account. 

4. To move a file to a location in your notebook click "Move" and select the notebook and page for this file. If you delete a file from your inbox it cannot be recovered. 

Automatically filter files in your Inbox with Inbox Rules 

You can setup Inbox rules to automatically filter specific file types to a location in your Notebook. 

1. Open the inbox by selecting "Inbox" in the Notebook Navigator. In the Page tools select the "Inbox Rules" button to open the Inbox Rules Manager.  

2. To create a new rule, select the file type, a location for the files matching that file type and click "save". You can select "Other file types" to indicate your own file extensions.  


You can edit existing rules by clicking "edit" or delete existing rules by clicking "delete." The rules are applied in sequential order, so you may want to reorder your rules by clicking "move up" or "move down."  

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