10.06 SnapGene Integration
Posted by Katrina Vuong on 12 November 2019 07:11 AM

SnapGene Viewer (Version 4.2 and higher) has been integrated with LabArchives to enable users to directly export projects from SnapGene Viewer into their LabArchives Notebook. Additionally, when a SnapGene project is opened from within your Notebook, it may be re-saved into the same Page from which is resides, preserving both versions of the file. 

 How to connect SnapGene to your LabArchives Account 

  1. Open SnapGene Viewer. Click "Edit" on the top left and select "Preferences." On the "Files" tab, select "Enable file exchange with LabArchives" 


You will be prompted to login to LabArchives. If you login using a Single Sign-On you will need to create a password token. For more information click here. If you login to LabArchives on another server, select that server on the "Server" field. 

Save a file to LabArchives 

After connecting SnapGene to your LabArchives Account, you can open or save a file to LabArchives in the "File" Menu on the top left. 

On the "Save to LabArchives Window" Select a page in your notebook and click "Save." 


Then you will see this message that your file has been saved.

Open a file from LabArchives 

After connecting SnapGene to your LabArchives Account, you can open a SnapGene file saved in LabArchives in the "File" Menu on the top left by selecting "Open file from LabArchives" 


On the "Open from LabArchives Window" navigate to the file that you would like open and click "Open." 

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