9.05 Lab Builder
Posted by Hannah Clark on 07 April 2020 09:17 AM

Lab Builder is a curated library of content for your classroom. It's a free product from LabArchives where educators can find, customize, and build content for their courses. 

By default, the Lab Builder notebook will be displayed in Notebook Navigator of all Lab Archives instructors. An instructor is anyone who has created a course using the course manager or indicated they are an instructor in the account creation process. You can browse materials or use the search feature to find specific content. Please contact if you cannot view Lab Builder.

Lab Builder is organized by content type, discipline, and subdiscipline. Labs contain background and assignment materials, while Protocols do not. Course Packs are a curated collection of materials need to teach a semester long lab course.

You cannot edit the content in the Lab Builder notebook. However, you can transfer materials to a notebook you own using the “Copy to Another Notebook” function. You can copy material to another notebook and make edits to the copied version that suit your course. Click here for more information about Copy To Another Notebook. There is no limit on the amount of content copied from Lab Builder.

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