10.07 Qeios Integration
Posted by Hannah Clark on 19 December 2019 12:40 PM

About Qeios 

Researchers using Qeios ( to write their research documents can now directly import images from their LabArchives notebooks.

With Qeios, you can write your publications, instantly publish them, and let the community add value to your work, without leaving the platform. From a powerful writing tool to an immediate Open Access platform, Qeios provides researchers with the all-in-one solution to create the world's best research.

How to Import an image from LabArchives to your research document on Qeios

  1. Create a new publication from the Compose section, navigation menu on top.

  2. Click on Insert Image in the editor toolbar.

  3. Select LabArchives and enter your login details. 

  4. Select the path to your image.

  5. Simply choose your image.

  6. You’re all done! The image is now in your publication.

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