4.01 Application Configuration
Posted by Katrina Vuong on 28 October 2020 01:39 PM

This is only available to Application Administrators. When you create an organization you will be added as an Application Administrator automatically. To access Application Configuration, click the gear icon at the top right then select Application Configuration.

Note: Remember that whenever you make changes in the Application Configuration settings you need to hit the green "Update" button to save these changes.

Below are some important settings for each section that an Application Admin may want to set:

Settings Here you can add other Application Administrators. Type in their email address and separate with a semi colon and a space between each email address. Do not change this field unless it is necessary.

default.timezone: Here you can set the timezone. Select your preferred timezone from the drop down menu.

default.language: Select the preferred language from the drop down menu.

inactivity.timeout: Here you can select a time out limit for all of your users. The default is 30 minutes.

default.homepage: Here you can choose the default homepage for your group. Can select between Dashboard, Schedule, My Calendar, Resource Calendar.


show.inaccessible.resources: Can choose to show inaccessible resources or not. Select True or False.

hide.block.periods: Can choose to hide blocked period or not. Select True or False.


hide.user.details: Can choose to hide user details or not. Select True or False.


Note: This section applies only to resources that are required to be checked in and checked out of your lab. It applies only to the CHECK OUT feature.

start.time.constraint: If the default is set to “future” only the Application Administrator can check users out of a reservation. If the default is set to "current" all users can check out of the reservation.

checkin.minutes.prior: This allows you to set a specific time (ie. 10 minutes) that a user can check in before reservation time.


In this section you can set to notify the appropriate administrator of any reservations, approvals needed and any other relevant activity. All the options are set to "False" by default. If you wish to get notifications for any of these controls you need to change the option to “True”.


Here you have the ability to enable reservation attachments. You can also specify which attachment extensions are allowed.


Here you can specify the required email domain that users in your group must use when they login to LabArchives Scheduler.

Further information on these configurations can be found in the Help section. Select Help, then click ‘Administration’. This information is available for Schedule, Group and Resource Administrators as well as Application Administrators.

Help Section

There is additional configuration information in the "Administration" dropdown in the " Help" menu. The Administration area is available only to Group, Resource, Schedule and Application Administrators. Regular users can only view the "Help" section.

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