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The Microsoft Office Online integration provides a more efficient workflow for LabArchives users. Microsoft Office Online file types (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) can be created, edited and saved within LabArchives providing users the ability to work with the more familiar document, spreadsheet and presentation tools. This feature, combined with course management, FERPA and Accessibility Compliance, security, and scientific workflow capabilities, makes LabArchives a perfect replacement for the standard paper lab notebook.

Among the many points of seamless interoperability:

  • Create, edit, and view Office documents from within your LabArchives course notebook using Microsoft Office Online.
  • Use the native Microsoft Office Online formats familiar to your students.
  • Experience improved displays of graphs, embedded images and unique features of the Microsoft Office product suite.
  • Leverage the simultaneous editing feature of Microsoft Office Online, enabling more collaboration from within LabArchives.

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The LabArchives Team
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