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Significant New Collaboration Capabilities in LabArchives
Posted by Johan Isoz on 08 September 2017 08:33 AM
LabArchives will release significant enhancements to the collaboration and comments capabilities in the platform on September 8. 

Active collaboration is part of the standard work flow -- and now in LabArchives, users can use “mentions” (using the @ symbol) to facilitate regular, active, contemporaneous communications among colleagues.

The new mentions feature automatically alerts colleagues regarding an important entry in a notebook. Simply using the @ symbol before a colleague's name, tells the system to alert the colleague via email with the text of your comment in the message body. It also provides recipients of the alert with the ability to respond directly from the email. All comments and responses using the mentions feature are also placed in the notebook automatically as a follow-up comment. This is the same user capability found in commonly used chat and social applications. 

The new capabilities will be made available to users worldwide between September 8 and 10.

The new collaboration functionality includes:
Push Comments: Users can "push" comments to their collaborators who have access to a particular entry by adding "@" symbol before the user's name
Add New Read Only Guests: Notebook Owners and Administrators can use this as another means to add Guests with read-only rights - by adding "@" symbol before the new guest email address
Reply From Email: Users have the option to reply via email to add a follow-up comment or response which will then appear in the comment thread for an entry in LabArchives, without logging in.
Instruction Comments: Instructors can select to have comments displayed automatically in students' and teaching assistants' notebooks, which ensures students and teaching assistants see comments

Visit our Knowledgebase to learn more about these enhancements:

Notification Alerts

This release is one of numerous platform enhancements the LabArchives Team is working on. Stay tuned for additional enhancements coming to your ELN in the coming weeks. 

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