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LabArchives recently released two important functionality enhancements: Entry Collaboration and an upgraded Chemical Sketcher Widget.

Entry Collaboration
The new entry collaboration workflow feature provides instant notification when an entry is being edited by a colleague. This will prevent editing conflicts and allow all collaborators to see the latest revisions as they are completed. The collaboration feature is enabled for Rich Text Entries, Plain Text Entries, Headings, Sketches, PubMed References, and Widgets.

When users view a page with an entry being edited, a notice will appear at the top of the entry (see the image below).

When an entry is locked, users will not be able to access the entry’s toolbar. If a user has editing rights, they will be able to edit the other entries on the page as well as add new entries to the page.

To view an online demo, click here.

When one user is actively editing an entry, three dots will pulse in the notice above the entry and collaborators viewing the page will be able to see live edits made to the entry.

When the user who is editing selects “Save to Page” or “Cancel”, the lock will be removed and all users will be able to interact with the entry.

If a user has the entry in “edit mode” and does not make any changes for more than 10 minutes, they will see a warning that the edit session will end unless they take action. If no action is taken, all edits made until that point will be saved and the entry will unlock.

For more information about entry collaboration, visit our Knowledgebase.

Chemical Sketcher Widget Upgrade
A significant upgrade to the Chemical Sketcher Widget (by ChemDoodle®) will make your reaction drawing experience even better. With the new update come many molecular templates, including those for amino acids, monocyclic and bicyclic hydrocarbons, and nucleotides, as well as enhanced annotation tools, such as the ability to add text. It also includes structure and sub-structure copy and paste functionality. These enhancements will make it easier to build organized and detailed chemical figures and reactions.

For more information and a demo video about Chemical Sketcher Widget, visit our Knowledgebase.

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